None of them knew the color of the sky

for wind band

Work completed: Spring 2015

Duration: 6’

None of them knew the color of the sky. Their eyes glanced level, and were fastened upon the waves that swept toward them. These waves were of the hue of slate, save for the tops, which were of foaming white, and all of the men knew the colors of the sea.”

Based on true events, Stephen Crane’s short story “The Open Boat” serves as the inspiration for this haunting piece. Four shipwreck survivors might as well have not even lived as they float helplessly upon a shanty of a boat in the infinite expanse of stark ocean surrounding them. During the day, occasional attempts to fight through the shoreline currents fail. At nightfall, sheer, bitter cold is the only thing keeping their broken bodies awake; shimmering, luminescent sea creatures entertain the rower. In the end, the only chance of survival is a break for land. The four men capsize the boat and swim; three make it to shore.

Premiered by the Fishers High School Wind Ensemble on October 7, 2015; Charles Kunz, conductor.