Fantasy States on a Simple Theme

for clarinet and cello


Work completed: April 2018

Duration: 4'


Fantasy States on a Simple Theme is a brief theme-and-variations for two instruments. The theme, introduced at the very outset of the work, is viewed through the lenses of three distinct fictional, dreamlike fantasy ideas. The first, “Mantra”, serves as a noble, matter-of-fact exposition. The second, “Waltz”, imagines this musical thread recontextualized in an active, dancing headspace. Finally, “Meditation” draws the piece back in for an introspective reflection on the preceding material.

The versatilities of these two instruments are stretched and explored throughout. Accompanimental and melodic figures quickly bounce between the two voices. Orchestrational positions and techniques trade regularly. Overall, the roles of these instruments could not be justified without both being an active part of the musical discussion.