for alto saxophone, viola, and trombone


Work completed: November 2017

Duration: 9'


100%. 100 miles per hour. 100 insinuates maximum capacity, full velocity, complete occupation. This piece reflects a point in life where there is no rest to be enjoyed. Focus must switch regularly, many thoughts must be juggled, and 100 tasks must be fulfilled at once.

The number 100 informs the music relentlessly. The main motive is an homage to Karl King’s “Viking March”, the tune behind the fight song of the Indiana Marching Hundred. This tune (save for the final resolution) follows the pitch set containing divisors of 100: <(0), 1, 2, 4, 5, 10>. Focus often lands on the pitch C, the Roman numeral for 100. Through these devices and many more, 100 speaks.